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Door Supervision And Security In Mayfair

Illyrian Elite Security Ltd are a collection of gentlemen, able to secure the doorway to your venue and make safe your premises. No unwanted guests, no rowdy people, just happy customers and the atmosphere you want, ensured in as discreet a manner as possible.

For door supervision in Mayfair, look no further than our trusted team. Backed by over 20 years of experience, we pride ourselves on our discretion, our adaptability and our immaculate track record. Door supervision and security in Mayfair are a necessity, to help maintain the customer experience. We provide this in abundance with our service.






Secure Venues and Happy Customers

For trustworthy security services that mesh perfectly with the feel and atmosphere of your business, call us now on 07411 630 864 or email us at contact@illyrianelitesecurity.co.uk to make safe the door to your venue.

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About Our Founder

Our founder, Arjan, has worked in the security industry for the last 20 years, gathering a wealth of experience in that time. He started in nightclubs back in 2005 and, ever since, has worked in private security, as well as with VIPS and celebrities. He has now turned to work with restaurants, hotels and high-end stores to provide high-quality door supervision and security in Mayfair.





About Our Door Supervisors

We currently have 15+ professionally trained door supervisors on our team. Each of them has been vetted to make sure that they well-rehearsed in dealing with all scenarios and also look, sound and act the part. We take great pride in what we do and understand that we are an extension of your business, so all of our supervisors are sure to learn the culture of your establishment and embed themselves accordingly.








Discreet Door Supervision and Security in Mayfair

All of our door supervisors are discreet and attentive. To ensure the safety of your venue, call us now on 07411 630 864 or email us at contact@illyrianelitesecurity.co.uk.

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