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Door Security Services In London

We are based in Mayfair, offering our security services there and across London. Our clients include hotels and restaurants, as well as retail establishments, each one reassured that the security of their venue is in the most capable hands, thanks to our door security services in London.

We currently employ 15 different gentlemen to provide our door supervision in Mayfair, each of them able to blend discreetly into whichever environment is required and ensuring that any potential trouble is dealt with at the door, never entering your establishment and compromising our customer experience. In our hands, your venue is safe from disruption.






Secure Your Doors with the Illyrian Elite

To ensure the safe operation of your business or event, contact us today and enquire about our services. Call us now on 07411 630 864 or email us at contact@illyrianelitesecurity.co.uk to learn more.

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Our Services Include

Stewarding Doors

An official doorman lends an air of ceremony, mystique and authenticity to any event or venue, while ensuring the security of those within.

Individual Assessments

Anyone and everyone attempting to gain access to your establishment will be risk assessed on the doorstep. If they’re found wanting for sobriety or character, they won’t be allowed in.

Management Liaison

Our door supervisors are communicative and forthcoming, keeping the relevant management staff abreast of happenings with regular updates.

Law Enforcement Liaison

In extreme cases, our doormen are capable of liaising with the police, to maintain the security of your venue or event, keeping in contact with relevant staff at all times.


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 Our Door Security Services in London Are For:

Restaurants/ Fine Dining

Ensure the safety and comfort of your diners with entry controlled on the door. Our friendly, yet firm, door supervisors will ensure that your diners can rest at ease in the knowledge that their experience will never be compromised by any unwanted intrusions.


Keep your guests’ minds at peace in the knowledge that the place they’re staying is secure and safe. Important belongings, fragile family members – all are looked after and set at ease with the help of our door security services in London.

High-End Retail

Flagship store openings and niche products can occasionally attract over-enthusiastic fanbases and customers. Ensure a smooth opening and calm customers with the watchful eye of our doormen. They can deter thieves also, minimising the potential for shoplifting.


Please Note: We also offer our services at events






Security and Safety Where You Need It Most

Ensure that both are taken care of when you employ our door security services in London.

Call us now on 07411 630 864 or send us an email today at contact@illyrianelitesecurity.co.uk to make contact.

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